Sleep in the Sonata of Moonlight Transformation (Dana)

from by zhu wen bo

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Hello, everyone. I'm a good friend of mankind
Dana(big take)
It's the one who doesn't marry
But very busy At other people's weddings
The incarnation of a China Northeast Dialect
Today, I would like to recommend to you a model that I developed Home mysticism sound performance games

"Sleep in the sonata of moonlight transformation"

The instrument to be used has a bell A kind of A Yo Yo, a mask.
Considering that this sonata only works under the influence of moonlight
I made a video for you.

Before playing, ask the player to apply the mask.
Put a bell on the ring finger of one hand. If you're married, you can put two on it
Put the Yo Yo on the middle finger of the other hand
Please play the video at the beginning of the performance
The original skill of holding one hand parallel to the ground to make the ball slide
Until the end of the video

Note: Yo Yo, formerly known as yo yo, yo yo comes from the Philippine Tagalog, which means "come back" or "go back". In 1500 A.D., hunting people in the Philippines hung dried fish shells and other weights on the front end of a 20 foot rope as hunting animals and fighting tools.
When the performer starts the sleeping skill of the Yo Yo, the hand vibrates, and the bell of the other hand rings. The yo yo will continue to rotate after being thrown down, and enter the sleep state. When the sleep state is about to stop, the shake of the hand will be recovered, and the bell of the other hand will also ring. If the Yo Yo is not recovered in a timely manner in the sleep state, it will stop rotating and move from sleep to death.


大家好 我是人类的好朋友

需要用到的乐器有 一颗铃铛 一只溜溜球 一片面膜
我为大家制造了一段影像月光 可投影后作为背景使用

演奏前 请演奏者敷上面膜
在一只手的无名指上系上一个铃铛 如果你结婚了可以系上两个
演奏开始时 请播放影像
双手举起 平行于地面 一只手使出溜溜球的原始技能



from miji 66, released May 10, 2020


all rights reserved



zhu wen bo Beijing, China

Zhu is a self-taught musician based in Beijing. He run cassette label Zoomin' Night(燥眠夜).

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